Step back in time to life in the 19th Century. Through exhibits, live interpretations, demonstrations, and hands-on activities, you’ll be immersed in the history and spirit of the South, and the personal experiences of those who called the Pineywoods home. Interact with the people who lived here, including American Indians, Euro-Americans, African-Americans, and other immigrants, and discover how their lives were inextricably linked.


Muskogee Creek (Pre-1836)

Learn firsthand the culture and traditions of the native Lower Muskogee Creek and learn about the Treaty of 1828 that ultimately resulted in their removal from the Pineywoods of South Georgia/Alabama.


Historic Village (1840s – 1890s)

Stroll through the heart of Historic Westville and you’ll experience a variety of authentic trade-based shops, home sites, and places of worship. Discover innovations that advanced industry from hand power to machine power before the turn-of-the-century. And, just like the immigrants who made the Pineywoods home, you’ll be confronted by adjustments to life and gain a greater understanding of the role migration played in shaping the cultural landscape of South Georgia.


Antebellum Period (1800-1860)*

Explore the Moye White House, its slave quarters, cotton gin and press, and its barn and paddocks. Learn how a slave-based economy was structured and experience what daily life for enslaved people was like. This site is also home to our Historic Breed Livestock & Poultry where you’ll understand the importance of preserving these heritage breeds and how they help us reconnect to our past.


Pioneer Village (1800-1830)*

Find out what life was like on the frontier of westward expansion. Talk to its residents about the after effects of the Revolutionary War and how the onslaught of immigrants to this region led to conflicts (and resolutions) involving cultural diversity, development of land, and the use of natural resources.

*Phase II development, pending funding.